Take Time-Lapse Photography on a Digital SLR with a Timer Remote (For Beginners)

This tutorial is for complete beginners to time-lapse photography and will show you all the settings and equipment you’ll need to start taking time-lapse videos with a DSLR camera relatively cheaply. Although this tutorial focuses on the Canon 7D, the steps outlined and equipment discussed also applies to other models available on the market.Everything you’ll need to know is in the video; the written steps below serve as a quick reference guide to further help you in your time-lapse photography.

Video Tutorial featuring Canon 7D and JJC TM-A Multi-Function Timer Remote

Step 1 Hardware

Although the Canon 7D has a built-in timer, it only allows you to delay up to 10 seconds before taking a photo. In order to take time-lapse photos, you’ll need to invest in a bit of extra hardware called a time remote.

There are a number of different brands on the Internet, but I use the “JJC TM-A Timer Remote” because it has all of the necessary functionality that a more expensive model will give you, but at a much cheaper price.


  • One of the great things about this particular model is that even without any batteries, you can use it as a hands free shutter release which can be useful in other photography situations to avoid shaking the camera while you press the shutter release button on the camera.

Step 2 Preparation

Connect the timer remote to your camera and insert a fully charged battery into your camera.


  • Creating a new folder on your camera before taking photos will save you a lot of time afterwards as you just have to copy this folder to your computer rather than searching through many photos.
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