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Need to Know Pocket Hole Tips for Edge Joints

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Pocket Hole Spacing on the Edge

My friends at Kreg Tool recommend spacing the pocket holes approximately 6″ apart on the edge of the board. Again, there are no specific guidelines for spacing. 6” is just a good, general rule of thumb.

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Another excellent and useful post, thank you! My big question is this: on edge to edge joining like for making table tops, I always see the pocket holes all in a line. Is there a reason for this? Wouldn’t it be better to have the pocket holes in a staggered or offset configuration? I’m brand new to woodworking, so it’s just a thought I’ve been having and would love some input. Thanks!”

This is a great question. I have always drilled my pocket holes in a row when making panels or table tops without giving it a second thought. For the official ruling, I turned again to my friends at Kreg Tool. Mike at Kreg said “There really isn’t an inherent benefit or disadvantage to staggering the pocket holes when gluing up a panel. The main reason you see them in line is simply for repetition of measurements from board to board.”

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